Finally, a beer made for breakfast

Beer and breakfast lovers rejoice! Your day has finally arrived. Scottish craft brewer Innis & Gunn has created the world's first spreadable beer.

Why? Because Scotland.

Preoccupied scientists might also had this spreadable beer

The brewery is calling this magical element of nature Marm & Ale (get it?), which "combines Innis & Gunn's oak-aged IPA with Dundee's finest preserve," according to brewery founder Douglas Sharp. Innis & Gunn also released a new marmalade flavored IPA because, again, Scotland.

How do they do it? Beer is added to the marmalade mixture during boiling to provide a hoppy taste to the marmalade's traditional orange flavor.

Why do they do it? Did we mention, because Scotland?

This is all to launch the brewery's new Scottish Beer Kitchen which is focusing on beer and food pairing and educating diners about the "nuances and complexities in beer," Sharp said.

We're personally looking forward to putting beer marmalade on our toast. Wonder if also will help fight cancer. Hmmm....

How many of you bars and restaurants are going to start offering spreadable beer to your guests?