Check out your competition [Hack #028]

Your mission, if you choose to accept it...

In our business, we like being regulars, too. So, many of us go to the same places and frequently with our co-workers. While you’re off, you deserve to be happy and comfortable. But, for those of you that are little bit more aspirational, go visit a place that is like yours… at least occasionally.

Seeing how other people do things will always make you better at your own ‘things.’ It’s like walking into a lab and seeing how something functions that you may not be doing. We are all in the same business; observing other operators will help you grow your own knowledge.

Equally important is to see what their guests are experiencing. Compare it to the experience you deliver. Be honest with yourself. If your competition does it better than you, then work harder. If you work for a chain, follow their systems even more accurately. If you are an independent, get serious and fix it. Be a competitor to your competition and, no matter what, you’ll get better.

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