Use a clock on your expo line [Hack #029]

Keep things moving efficiently

Many operators already know how valuable having a timing system is to their restaurants. Yet, still many more don’t. To be direct, all the chains do it and that’s how they grew to be chains. It can be used in so many ways. Today our focus is on how it’s used to manage ticket times. This alone is a worthy reason to have a big red clock in your kitchen.

Expo is a crucial position and having a constant view of a clock is a natural aspect of its role. If you value getting food to your guests in a timely manner then a clock is essential. Whether you are timing ‘order to delivery’ performance or coursing food, a clock is still the easiest method for doing it.

It can also be a way to share with your team their performance. By calling “app, entrée”, cold ticket times your team knows where they stand. Kitchen teams are a pretty competitive group. They will actually work harder to make the goal; it’s a natural human instinct. And if they don’t, you may want to retrain them or recruit someone that will.

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