How Hollywood Sees Us: Spotting a fight before it happens

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #6

This scene from Heat is so menacing it still resonates 20+ years after the movie was released. It’s also indicative of how little you know about what’s happening right in your restaurant. Anyone who has managed security knows that confrontation is something you want less of in your bar. That’s why knowing who is a real problem and who is just blowing off steam is hard to determine.

You would hardly have known these two men were close to violence by watching them speak from afar, but the animosity is obvious if you are privy to the whole interaction. One thing I have learned is the guy that threatens violence is the least likely to throw a punch. Not that he isn’t dangerous, but if a guy is going to misbehave, he rarely warns you.

I’m not saying that the restaurant should fear De Niro and Pacino, just that there are things under the surface happening. It’s what makes our restaurants such interesting places to work. The variety of human beings you get to meet is endless and the lessons you can learn expansive.