Use your website to build your email list [Hack #049]

Ding! You got mail!

You’ve seen this on every site you have visited in the last year or so. It’s the inevitable box that pops up to offer you a place on the sites mailing list. You may be annoyed or you may opt in to the list. Either way you have been offered the opportunity. 

This is a simple way to capture visits on your website for any number of purposes. First and foremost, it helps build your mailing list. You know, that old technology that just won’t go away. Email remains the most powerful and direct method to reach your regulars. They actually want to hear from you and this conversation is yours to direct. But they have to be on your list. The lightbox is a great way to invite them.

The great news is that you can also include other things in the same lightbox. It doesn’t have to be a transparent email request, it can be for a chance to win prize, or to register for a special event. The key is to vary it. The more opt-in emails you collect the more powerful your list. 

The best news is that many of the services that provide this functionality are free. Check out Optinmonster, or AddThis to see that they can add to your email list capture approach.

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