Beta-test the upcoming SportsTV Guide 2.0 release!

We are proud to announce the development of our new platform, SportsTV Guide 2.0. In the coming weeks we will be testing this new platform. We would like to invite any of you who wish to be early adopters to join our Beta testing that begins in late May.

Click to see a larger preview of the SportsTV Guide 2.0.

When we first started delivering the SportsTV Guide in September of 2003, we faxed far more subscribers than were sent email. As we have evolved over the past 13 years, we have seen the technology that allows us to join you daily change dramatically, but we have stayed consistent in sending our guides via email. 

Well, it’s time for SportsTV Guide to join the world on Web 2.0 and upgrade our service to reflect the best available technology.

Below is what you can expect from SportsTV Guide 2.0. If you’d like to sign up to be a Beta tester, fill out the form below.

What is Staying the Same!

  1. You will still have access to both By Sport and By Time Format.
  2. The general layout will remain largely unchanged except that it will be aesthetically improved.
  3. The guides will still be available in advance, so you can plan and manage your sports programming ahead of time.
  4. SportsTV Guide will be emailed daily to your inbox.

What is Changing!

  1. With 2.0 you will have access to more than just DIRECTV listing info. Many of you have multiple programming providers and our new platform allows you to view them side by side on a single format.
  2. The guides will be customizable with options like favorites, highlighting key events, listing locally relevant events at the top of your guide, special filters, and programming customization.
  3. You will have access to both individual daily guides for up to six days in advance and the most current Weekly information.

Another major change will be in how you access the guides daily. You will still receive a daily email with a link to the guides. However, there will no longer be a physical attached file. We are eliminating the attachment because it causes serious deliverability issues and often marks us as spam. 

Your email will be like a passport. When you click on the link from your email, it will sign you on to our site. No need for a User Id/password, just your daily email. And as long as your email is registered as a user, you can get a resend by visiting the site and filling in the form that pops up. We will then resend you the daily guide immediately.

So, join us and have a voice in shaping the future of what we deliver daily. We will rely heavily on the opinions of our beta testers to insure we are delivering the right solution. Thanks in advance for considering to join the Beta and we look forward to building our service just the way you want it.

Questions? Contact Andrew Jaffee here.