Leaders lead: Be a better listener [Hack #045]

'Can you repeat that?'

Here’s a super simple hack to improve your listening skills. Don’t focus on what you are going to say next. Instead focus on what is being said to you. Actually pause when the person is finished speaking and playback what they said. Not only will you be shocked by how much more you hear, but the person you are listening to will recognize you are being attentive.

So often, we are in conversations where our employees need us to hear both the words and the subtext of that they are expressing. If you are poising to respond and not listening to their message, you will invariably miss the real meaning of their communication. As a leader, they need you to hear them at least as much as you want them to hear you. 

By being first to listen you create an atmosphere where that is a valued trait. You might be surprised how much more willing to hear your message your team is when you return the favor by being a better listener yourself.

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