Say hello to Skyn, the Fitbit for boozers!

Imagine going to the bar, looking down at your wrist and seeing how drunk you are.

Up until now if you did that, people would probably think you're drunk as hell... or off your rocker. But no longer. Breathalyzer company BACtrack have invented Skyn, a wristband that detects your blood alcohol level.

It's like a Fitbit for your drinking life.

Skyn uses fuel cell tech and is worn on your wrist, just like a Fitbit (or a watch for you older folks). Skyn continuously monitors your TAC (Transdermal Alcohol Content) in real-time. The alcohol is calculated by detecting ethanol molecules escaping through your skin. Skyn then converts the TAC to your BAC (blood alcohol level).

It also connects to your phone via Bluetooth because what doesn't nowadays?

Since it can take up to 45 minutes for alcohol to be transmitted through the skin, the readings aren't perfectly reliable in a snapshot sense, but it's great for continuous monitoring. The data can be delayed to your doctor or warn you if you're had too much to drink (hopefully before you make an ass out of yourself).

Canada must be rejoicing since they're pretty in favor of mandatory breathalyzers in bars.

Joking aside, BACtrack says there's a "limited quantity" of Skyn devices that'll be available later this year. You can sign up to find out when they're taking pre-orders.