The Daily Rail: We need to get bar & restaurant security right


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The Orlando nightclub shooting was the worst in US History. Sadly, there is an infographic that shows the killed and wounded from the top 10 shootings since 1986Click here to see the list. 

The Pittsburgh Penguins won their fourth Stanley Cup on the road in San Jose. This is the 12th championship since 1960 to be run through Steel City and not one of them has been won at home. Not since Bill Mazeroski’s ninth-inning blast over the 406-foot mark in left field on October 13, 1960 lifted the Pirates over the Yankees has the self-anointed City of Champions enjoyed a championship celebration on home turf.

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Why it’s important to you: Violence at public gatherings matter to all of us responsible for the safety of others

Two stories of unhinged assailants committing murder and creating mayhem in Orlando, Florida dominated the consciousness of our entire nation this weekend. Starting with the tragic murder of a talented young musician and ending with the terror at a gay nightclub. Both of these incidents will further inflame the rhetoric between Second Amendment advocates and those determined to limit access to weapons. For us the question is more basic: How do we prevent this from happening on our watch?

In both instances, there was security in place to screen people for weapons and in both cases they failed. The deranged fan that shot Christina Grimmie got past the unarmed security with two handguns, a hunting knife and additional rounds. There were no metal detectors, but cursory searches of bags and purses were done. Christina’s brother, Marcus, tackled the murderer, heroically averting further bloodshed.

At the nightclub the perpetrator walked into the club with an AR-15 assault rifle he had purchased legally just a few days before the attack. He engaged in a gun battle with an off-duty police officer as he tried to leave and then went back into the club to take hostages. By that time SWAT had arrived. Another gun fight ensued with the terrorist, eventually leading to his death at the scene.

It’s simple proof that if someone wants to be destructive there isn’t much we can do to deter them. However, we need to always be vigilant in our approach to security. It’s an enormous responsibility and our guests are counting on us to get it right.


Why it’s important to you: Are soccer hooligan’s worse than American fans?

After fans of the Russian and English national teams clashed in Marseille causing 31 injuries (four of them critical), the UEFA is threatening sanctions against both teams. Connecting consequences for sports teams to the behavior of their fans has always been an interesting conversation.

In a statement released on Sunday, the UEFA Executive Committee “warned both football associations that…it will not hesitate to impose additional sanctions on the Football Association (FA) and the Russian Football Union (RFS), including the potential disqualification of their respective teams from the tournament, should such violence occur again.” At least now there is something about the Euro 2016 that might engage your guests given their general lack of interest in soccer.

The Euro 2016 began this past Friday and features some very bitter rivalries. This confrontation between fans might not be the last one of the tournament, but it will most certainly be the only one that escapes punishment from the UEFA. It should at least keep the tournament interesting to follow.