How Hollywood Sees Us: The colorful characters in your bar

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #11

Ok, who among runs a joint with a significant bar traffic? So many fond movie memories come from the first Star Wars. The Mos Eisley Cantina bar scene is a personal favorite. Taking an Old West theme and making it intergalactic was ground breaking sci-fi in it’s day and the effects were legendary.

But for me the real fun is in the characters. The multicolored band members, the angry bartender, the threatening patron, the smuggler and his sidekick. It doesn’t get any better. Truth be told, I see plenty of my own customers in these characters. Although I have to admit, I would have had some gender identification issues there, but only because I’m not familiar with the intergalactic indigenous people.

There have been times when I thought the folks in my bar rather looked like aliens. But such is life when you work 80 hours a week with a single day off a week for 10 years. That confusion used to pass after my third Red Bull and I realized I still really love what I do.