Use Facebook Live to turn your restaurant into its own reality TV show [Hack #057]

Lights, camera, action!

Guests love an insider’s view of your business. Almost everyone has a fantasy about owning a restaurant, but few people ever see behind the curtain to what it’s really like to work in our industry. With Facebook Live you can now stream selective scenes from your business to engage your guests in your business. Imagine running a pre-shift meeting daily where you show the specials to your team while simultaneously live streaming it to guests!

Not only can they view the moment as it happens, but they can also ask questions about what’s happening. Do it well and you can make it must-see watching for your guests. You can basically create your own content network. Want to promote a new cocktail? Use Facebook Live to stream the bartender making it. Offer lessons on how to follow a recipe for one of your signature items or show a guest how to prep an item for service in their own home. Interview a new staff member to introduce them to your social media audience or ask a guest to give you feedback on a special. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your creativity.

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