The Daily Rail: Is Pokemon Go disrupting your restaurant?

July 12, 2016

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Eating out is fun. Getting sick from it is not.

See what you really know about keeping your guests safe from foodborne illnesses.


Pokemon Go has been a humongous hit since it’s release last week, being installed on 5.16% of Android devices in the US in just the first three days (that’s more than Tinder). Spoiler: that’s a ridiculous percentage.

On one hand, it’s getting gamers to do what parents have failed to do for decades — get their kids off their butts and moving around outdoors. On the other hand, it has more people aimlessly walking while staring at their phones. But hey, at least they’re moving, right?

Anyways, it appears that maybe not everyone is ready to help their neighbors become the very best like no one ever was… 

We did catch up with the managers of this particular establishment.

Team Rocket wants the Pokemon for themselves

Are guests finding Pokemon in your restaurant? Is it an annoyance or are you embracing the the passion? Let us know!

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*Sad Trombone Sound*


Why it’s important to you: Are new technologies causing Starbucks to have to raise wages?

Starbucks is raising employee wages

What does it take to get a company like Starbucks to raise wages in their 7,600 locations? Well, you can start with an online petition, which garnered 12,800 Starbucks’ employee signatories, outlining various employee complaints. The company announced they would raise wages in October of this year from 5–15% amid increasing pressure in the labor market.

As it happens some of the employees concerns are due to new technologies implemented by Starbucks to save labor. A chief complaint outlines immense labor pressure on local store management caused by the software Starbucks uses to calculate ideal labor cost. This coupled with the perception that hours were reduced after slumping sales were announced in April and you get several outcomes. Many petition signers complained they can’t get enough hours to keep their benefits or aren’t earning enough to stay afloat. Additionally (and far more subtle), the “Starbucks Rewards” mobile payment program causes guests to tip less, thus also reducing wages.

The coffee giant has always paid above average wages but these increases are a clear attempt to retain their staff and stay competitive. On top of wage increases, Starbucks is also doubling the value of their employee stock option program. Unfortunately for consumers, that means price increases. As employers in our industry the message is clear, things are changing in the labor market and they aren’t favoring management.


Why it’s important to you: Streaming content continues its rise as an alternative to traditional cable/satellite providers.

As proof that streaming sports is the future of TV programming, we have three different stories that support the premise….

Let’s start with YouTube’s announcement they are launching a streaming service that will include major programming partners like CBS, ABC and ESPN. They claim to also be talking to NBC, FOX and Vaicom about participating in a bundle program that would be priced at $35/month. Certainly, their pricing would be different for commercial, but it’s the momentum here that matters.

Speaking of ESPN, they are also floating their own distinct streaming service. It won’t include their flagship channels, but instead be for niche leagues and college Olympic sports. ESPN owns a lot of niche rights like Major League Lacrosse (MLL) and the SEC Network’s non-basketball/football programming which would lend itself nicely a streaming offering.

Twitter isn’t stopping with just streaming Thursday Night NFL Games, they just inked a deal with CBS News to live stream both political conventions set to air later this month. The content won’t be the traditional CBS news feed, but their CBSN internet stream with alternate hosts and differing content. In any event, it’s a continuing trend for content to migrate from exclusively through ‘in-line’ delivery to internet streaming

I KNOW IT WHEN I SEE IT – Justice Potter Stewart

Why it’s important to you: Aren’t there more important issues than pornography for the Republican Party to focus on this election year?

Justice Potter Stewart famously claimed he couldn’t tell you what pornography was, but he would know it when he saw it. It would seem the same is true of the Republican Platform being set for next weeks’ convention. North Carolina Republican Delegate Mary Frances Forrester successfully proposed a platform item identifying pornography as a public health issue… because priorities. 

A public health issue? The Zika Virus is a public health issue. Gun violence is a public health issue. Anti-vaxing is a public health issue. But pornography? Really? What’s really amazing is the proposed amendment passed without debate or discussion. 

It’s time our leaders in both parties focused on the issues that really matter to Americans and not what one does alone in the dark, in front of a computer….ok that probably doesn’t sound very good, but really, can’t we protect our children from predators without claiming that the 50% of the population that watches porn has a health problem?