Involve your staff in the interviewing/selection process [Hack #058]

Find the right candidate the first time

Choosing the right candidate to join your team is a serious responsibility. In order to be thorough, it pays to include as many critical opinions as possible to avoid making the wrong choice. To accomplish this, you need to determine where and when to call on your current team to support the process. One place is during the actual interview. Include a key team member and require that they not only observe but ask questions they think are important of the potential new hire.

The participation of a valued staff member accomplishes several aims. Initially, you are gaining the insights of an established member of your team on a potential member. Who better to intuit how a candidate will fit than someone who already does? Further, you are developing a potential supervisor on a key aspect of their regular duties.

Finally, you are creating an easier path for a new hire, since they will already know someone on the team. The key team member will also be an advocate and/or mentor to the new staff person and support their transition to full functioning teammate.

Every element of your business is interconnected. The more you take advantage of that, the stronger your overall operation becomes. So, take advantage of the resources you have and improve your overall business execution along the way.