Use a decision-making formula [Hack #064]

Think before you act

When faced with difficult decisions or complicated challenges, a leader should be as thoughtful as possible in their process. Mike Myatt, author of Hacking Leadership, encourages leaders to solve their most difficult tasks using a decision-making formula

Follow these steps and you create consistency in your decision making that will allow you to trust your choices, justify them to your team and implement them effectively

Consider the context of the decision

Context matters, whether it’s an HR or guest service choice, and will influence your thinking.

Seek feedback

Include everyone that has a stake in the outcome, but also outsiders so you can get an un-interested opinion.

Analyze cost/benefit

Some decisions are easier when you see them through this lens. Yes it will be expensive, but the outcome justify the cost is often how great decisions are made.

Is it the right thing to do?

You would be surprised how often this part of the formula gets ignored. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Applying this ethic is a smart way to keep your actions and morals on the same path.

Stand behind your decision

Once you have concluded your course, don’t get cold feet. As long as you have used good process and can answer to the previous parts of the formula, you should have confidence in your choice.

The real message here is think before acting. Reflection isn’t always a luxury you feel you have, but it can be the difference between success and disgrace. Just ask the folks at Volkswagen if they would like to get do-over on their decision to mess with their mileage results

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