The 5 Rings of Olympic HELL [Infographic]

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The Olympics (finally) start this Wednesday, but it's been a long and turbulent road for Brazil and the Rio Olympic Committee. From the Zika Virus pandemic to political corruption to unhealthy water to a recession and rising crime rates, the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics is full of it's share of troubles.

And first impressions of people visiting the Rio Olympics have been less than stellar, too. Christine Brennan, from USA Today, wrote, "Actually, this city is exactly as advertised: massive, intriguing, concerning and, from a first glance, entirely overwhelmed. The Olympic Park in the Barra area, home to the Main Press Center, Michael Phelps and Simone Biles, has all the ambience of a slapdash construction job... Far more troubling is what’s going on with security in the athletes village. A fire broke out in the Australian delegation’s apartments the other day, and after evacuating, several athletes returned to find their computers and clothes had been stolen." 

Let the Games Begin

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