Five Ways Your Restaurant Can Be More Green

The polar ice caps are melting, the weather is wonky, and scientists warn that mankind will soon be the cause of the sixth mass extinction the world has seen. Now more than ever we should be aware of our impact on the environment. Countries like France have banned plastic utensils and cups, while companies are making biodegradable utensils and plates. So what can you do as a restaurant operator? Plenty.  

1.     Go local. 

Local is probably one of the biggest buzzwords of the last year, and for good reason. Tons of restaurants across the country have adopted sourcing some to all of their meat, dairy and produce from local farms or producers.

For one thing, it dramatically reduces the carbon footprint by decreasing the lengths produce has to travel from farm to table top. For another, it supports the local economy, too.

2.     Get rid of bottled water.

Our oceans are full of enough plastic. You can simply refill large glass bottles with tap or filtered water. Sure it creates a little bit of side work, but think of the fishies!


3.     Upgrade your machinery.

Kitchen equipment, including cleaning equipment, can cost you a lot of energy and use harmful detergents. Upgrading to energy efficient machinery won’t just help the environment, it’ll lower your operational costs long term, too.  

4. Shut sh*t down.

Remember your dad yelling at you because you left the bathroom light on all night? Same deal with your restaurant. Turn off the expo and POS systems at night so they don’t use valuable energy when no one is using them.  


5.  Recycle!

Recycling isn’t just for glass and paper, though you should definitely be doing that. Recycle your used fryer oil, too. There are tons of companies across the country who would happily grab your oil to convert to biofuel.

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