The Daily Rail: Will Your Team Hate Being Watched by a Computer?

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Epic Fails

Of the teams that can be safely considered as 'superpowers', the Netherlands top the heartbreak table, having missed out on a trip to the World Cup a total of 8 times - including the tournament in Russia next year. This infographic shows the other big heartbreakers.

Infographic: Soccer Superpowers That Missed the World Cup | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

MLB is Over-the-Top Popular

MLB.TV is the only sports service in the top 10 over-the-top (OTT) subscriptions. It ranks #4 behind the likes of Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu. This is big news for sports bars as your guests are turning to alternate means of watching their favorite teams.

Citizen of the Year

GQ has named Colin Kaepernick its first Citizen of the Year for starting a wave of protests against social injustice. He’ll be one of several cover photos for the magazines Men (and Women) of the Year editions that come out in December.


Why it matters to you: Will your team hate being watched by a computer?

New tech is coming at us so fast in our industry, it’s hard to know what will work and what will be morally suspect. As we mentioned in yesterday’s newsletter, your friends at Domino’s are testing a “pizza cam” that hovers above the cutting board and determines if the product is worthy of the Domino’s label. So much to unpack here!

And while yesterday we talked about Domino’s constant use of technology to solve guest pain points, we want to talk about the other side of the dough – as it were.

First off, Domino’s has been known for years by their lack of quality. Yes, they have markedly improved their product and the experience, but most folks can still remember when it was a bit of a punch line. Second, and perhaps more importantly, is this the world of the future? Humans being managed by machines?

Let say this much, if you are a line employee and you currently aren’t being as meticulous as you can, then maybe you deserve the fate of a computer judging your performance minute to minute. However, for those of us that still believe some imperfection is good for us, then you will find this idea repugnant. Either way, it appears our future really will be lived under the scrutiny of our robot overlords.


Why it matters to you: Being a leader means acknowledging others for their quality.

We speak often about leadership on The Daily Rail. It’s important to us, because it’s important to you. Since every single subscriber to our service is a manager in their organization, it’s also extremely relevant. So, what have you don’t lately to lead? One of the easiest ways to lead is to celebrate your colleagues. By being the one who recognizes the contributions of others, you naturally position yourself as the leader.

By encouraging your teammates and validating their efforts you ensure they will want to repeat that behavior. You’ve heard the cliché about the carrot and the stick, right? Well, carrots taste much better than sticks and no one wants to come back for a second helping of the stick. It costs nothing to be kind and delivers an environment where your team is far more interested in your success, because you are interested in theirs.