The Daily Rail: What Indie Restaurants Can Learn From Krispy Kreme's "Teacher" Promo

Friday, June 15, 2017.

HACK #095: Use UV Lights to Get Rid of Fruit Flies [Citizen of the Rail]

We previously ran a restaurant hack that requires using Fireball to solve a fruit fly problem. Since then, we have received a couple other helpful tricks that we would like to share! This one includes some help from UV rays. SCIENCE!


Father’s Day Promos!

Father’s Day is this weekend and Nation’s Restaurant News has compiled a fun list of how restaurants across the US are promoting Just-for-Dad specials. Are you running a cool promo for Dad? Let us know!

Ladies’ Night in Japan

Japan is an interest place. Add to it their eccentric TV shows is how one bar is offering discounts on Ladies’ Night. My Place Café & Bar is offering up to 40% off food and drink orders if patrons wear heels that are about six inches tall. Two inch hells will earn women a 10% discount. It’s part of the venues attempt to become a “stylish, sophisticated establishment.”

Smirnoff Trolls Trump

Russian vodka company Smirnoff is having fun at President Trump’s expense, running an ad that pokes fun at Trump’s numerous allege ties to Russia. The ad reads “Made in America. But we’d be happy to talk about our ties to Russia under oath.” Sweet burn, Smirnoff. Just like your drinks. Check it out here.

A Rose By Any Other Name…

Fox Sports is rebranding and relaunching Fox Soccer 2Go into Fox Soccer MatchPass. The site was launched earlier this week. The streaming services airs soccer programming from FIFA Confederations Cup, Australian Rules Football, National Rugby League, Rugby League World Cup, UEFA Champions, Europa League and more.


Why it matters to you: Can you get in on the rush to fast casual?

Buffalo Wild Wings has been making a lot of news over the past several months. Whether it’s the proxy fight they are having with investors, testing delivery, or now opening a fast casual concept, they sure are busy over there on Wayzata. In the latest news, they are opening their first of two quick service B-Dubs Express locations.

Let’s face it. Growth can come from a lot of sources and with 1000 restaurants, how many more full-service units can they open? Of course, they aren’t alone. Hooter’s has also been testing a quick service version of their signature products.

Now most of you won’t be able to explore this opportunity in the same way that big players like BWW and Hooter’s can, but that doesn’t mean you are shut out. Consider a separated carry-out area that can facilitate better outbound orders (both to go and delivery). If you have any space, this is sure fire way to alert your regulars that you are available even if the occasion calls for staying in. Who says the big guys get to have all the fun?


Why it matters to you: Summers are tough in our business, so creative promotions are a must.

Unless you are in a resort area, summer can be a real drag for full-service restaurants and bars -- especially sports bars. That’s why looking for creative ways to drive traffic is a crucial aspect of mitigating the season.

Krispy Kreme hasn’t always been known as a creative force in marketing, but their latest program really is smart. The offer is a free coffee to any teacher that makes a purchase at one of their locations during June and July.

Any promotion that is successful must have the right audience. So given that there are 3.1 million public school teachers and an additional 500k private school instructors in the US, you’d have to say they’re on to something.

So, ask yourself, is there an audience out there that your business can also access to drive traffic? Maybe it’s a mid-week family dining special or summer sports league related offers, but you won’t know until you make the effort at identifying your target. You don’t have to give away the farm; just make it feel like a value. These types of promotions are perfect for social media promotion because they appeal to a wide range of folks and can be easily explained in a simple post. Now is the time to start convincing guests that yours is the place to hang out this summer.