HACK #095: Use UV Lights to Get Rid of Fruit Flies [Citizen of the Rail]


We previously ran a restaurant hack that requires using Fireball to solve a fruit fly problem. Since then, we have received a couple other helpful tricks that we would like to share!

Another option to combat fruit flies is install UV lights that have a sticky paper behind them. Flies are naturally lured to UV rays. But once they are zapped by the light, they will fall into the sticky paper where they won’t pose as a health risk to your guests.

UV light systems and installation can vary in price. The average cost for a restaurant would be roughly $120-$175 for a unit without installation. Some models don’t need to be installed, rather just switched on.

The only added challenge to this method is where to place the unit without disrupting your work flow. That’ll differ from kitchen to kitchen.

In the end, this method is much appreciated by the Health Department, maybe not so much by your wallet.

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