The Daily Rail: Soda Sales Declining? Time to Get Creative

MARKETING: Promoting Your Restaurant? Keep These 7 Things in Mind

Restaurant promotion is that one mishandled area that can bring down the whole process. Many operators spend money without analyzing the results or, worse, don’t promote at all. This is a development area in which one can acquire expertise only after extensive research and demography study. Here’s a round-up to help you get better at building restaurant promotions.


 A Winter Jacket That Holds 12 Beers

We know what you’re thinking… you’re out in the freezing cold, ice & snow and you’re thinking “I wish I could carry a crapton of beer in my pockets.” Now you can. PBR (of course it’s PBR) partnered with 686 to create the 686xPBR Sixer which can hold up to 12 cans of beer. Here’s a vid.

The Greek God of Walks & Hops

Former Boston Red Sox infielder Kevin Youkilis bought, refurbished and reopened the iconic Los Gatos Brewing Co. as the Loma Brewing Co. He got the idea while still in the MLB, and so far, the project has gone well. Last year the brewery won two gold medals and a silver and was named the 2017 California Commercial Beer Brewery of the Year.

Everything Isn’t Awesome… for this Legobar

Lego has disavowed a new pop-up bar made of Legos. Once known as the Legobar, it’s changed its name to ‘thebrickbars’ after Lego forced the issue. ‘thebrickbars’ promises to be made of entirely of Lego bricks and promises to transport patrons back to their childhood on a “nostalgia trip.” Just be careful where you step!

GOAT vs The Rest of the NFL

It’s said you need a franchise QB to make the Super Bowl but three of the final four teams have relatively “low-key” QBs leading their teams. All except the Patriots and Tom Brady. Here’s how his playoff stats blow the rest of the three out of the water.


Why it matters to you: Let national brands lend you their credibility.

 We have often asserted that independent operators can really benefit from connecting their menus to nationally recognized brands. In fact, 76% of consumers say they are more likely to visit a restaurant that partners with a leading brand. Certainly, most of you are doing just that when you sell Heineken or serve Heinz ketchup, but this shouldn’t be limited to the obvious brands. Whether it’s Hidden Valley Ranch dressing or Frank’s RedHot, touting these brands as a part of your menu convinces consumers you are using quality products and delivering better menu options.

Most of the national brands that make sense for you to highlight on your menu are finished products like beer or condiments, but it doesn’t have to be limited to them. Take Butterball Turkey. It’s among the most respected protein producers nationally and they offer food service products like pre-formed turkey burgers. By highlighting that your hamburger alternatives are from a national brand like Butterball, you can expect the consumer to order more and be willing to pay a premium for the privilege. What’s not to like?



Why it matters to you: The decline in soda sales is leading some restaurants into more creative approaches.

 Soda sales have been on the steady decline for years now and now soda consumption has hit a 31-year low in 2017, forcing restaurants to find a way to make up for the sales. We have mentioned before that bottled water had long since surpassed soda consumption; that’s a way to make up for soda sales in your locations. But some places are taking a more creative approach.

Rather than sticking to the traditional soda products or going the full bottled water route, some restaurants are turning to craft soda. The general publics’ palate has been changing and refining itself (in some ways) for a while now and with the success of craft beer it should come as no surprise that soda would quickly follow suit.

Offering more interesting options can surely pique interest. Everyone knows and has had a Coke or a Pepsi, but what about an Agave Vanilla Cream soda or Orange Hibiscus? Just the names sound tempting enough for many guests to give them a shot. While these craft sodas may not be a cure-all for everyone’s ailing soda sales, it is a modern approach to try in your business, and is far more likely to tempt a younger crowd. Craft sodas also opens the possibilities in your bar program, too.