The Daily Rail: How High is Too High?

MEMES: Super Bowls, Super Heroes & Guests Ordering [the Same Thing] from a Menu

This week's restaurant memes: feeling like a server super hero, waiting for the Super Bowl, and guests trying new things from your menu. Lolz, amiright?


The XFL Is Back

Much like the Undertaker when knocked down, WWE owner Vince McMahon announced that he would be resurrecting the XFL. The new XFL will relaunch in 2020. Here’s 10 things sports bars & fans should know.

Would You Wear This “Pork Roll” Baseball Uni?

Minor League Baseball team, Trenton Thunder, will wear “Pork Roll” jerseys this season to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Why pork roll? Because New Jersey. The team will also be selling pork roll merchandise if there’s an idea worth doing it’s worth over-doing. Play ball!

Grumpy Cat Wins $710K in Lawsuit

Score a big one for the grumpiest cat on the Internet. Grumpy Cat has already earned $100 million in revenue (you can cry with me in the corner), and was just award $710K from a coffee company for using the cat’s likeness beyond the boundaries of their contact. Welcome to life with the Internet.


Why it matters to you? As legalization passes more and more frequently, lawmakers are struggling to find ways to accurately gauge how high someone is.

If anyone reading this has ever had any experiences with marijuana they’d know how varied the experience truly is. Did you smoke it? How did you smoke it? What form was it smoked in? What was the heat source? Etc, etc, etc it can go on forever trying to determine exactly how the marijuana was consumed to even begin to determine how it will affect you. Not to mention that everyone on earth has, much like alcohol, different tolerance levels and much of this is based on genetics. So how does one go about even beginning to develop a machine to judge this? These are some of the reasons that scientists’ minds are boggled when trying to figure this out.

The main reason for their issues is trying to determine these levels for a reliable and accurate DUI field test. Police can bring those in question to their station and draw blood to accurately determine THC levels the issue is the legal limit is, at this time, arbitrary and unsupported by science. Police officers are having to break ground and try new methods such as even gathering in a group in their plain clothes and smoking to see how it affects each of them then testing each other. While hopefully these tests will lead to an accurate test, with so many different complexities as to how marijuana affects each user it still seems a ways off before they will land on a field test to catch lawbreakers and keep the public safe from those driving intoxicated.