The Daily Rail: Should Restaurants Put More Stock into Instagram?

RECIPE: How to Make Tex-Mex Buffalo Wings [Sponsored Recipe]

Let’s face it. When it comes to chicken wings, the buffalo wing is going to reign supreme as one of the most popular flavors on your menu. Old classics are classics for good reasons. But that doesn’t mean we can’t spice up the classics for the more adventurous palate. The Tex-Mex Buffalo Wings is a great way to add a little flair to your menu’s signature wing. It’s simple to make and add to your already amazing menu.


Facebook Data Shows Growing Interest in Health, Global Cuisines

Facebook recently released its second annual “Topics and Trends Report” which looks what the conversations its users are having to find trends and growing areas of interest. What’s becoming more popular is global food and flavors from around the world. Updates on soul food, use of international ingredients, and multicultural dishes. Social conversations are also highlighting the want for healthy meals.

Reindeer in Decline

Over the past two decades, the Arctic population of reindeer and caribou has fallen from nearly five million animals to just 2.1 million, according to the latest Arctic Report Card released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. That represents a decline of 56% since the mid-1990s. Some herds are faring better than others and researchers have found that in some cases, several herds have crashed by more than 90%.

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Hitting the Slopes

For years, Europe has been the world's premier destination for skiers with resorts dotted across the Alps and Pyrenees gaining excellent reputations. The rest of the world has turned the heat up on Europe, however, and these days, the U.S. has the most skier visits of any single country per season, according to a Laurent Vanat report on ski tourism.

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Why it matters to you: Check your restaurant thoroughly before close to ensure no one is still there.

There is a serious health crisis happening in the United States and it’s closer to our industry than you think. Opiods took the life of 42,249 Americans last year; that’s 130+ per day. This crisis is hitting all socio-economic strata in our country and has shown no signs of abating. Take the story of the 32-year-old man that overdosed in the bathroom of a Bertucci’s in Northampton, MA. A lawsuit filed by his mother claims he entered the restroom at 9:30pm, observed by a restaurant employee. As is likely normal, no one specifically checked the restrooms before the location closed. The next morning, an employee entered the bathroom and saw sneakers under the door, but failed to report it or do anything for several hours.

Let’s be straight, this could have happened in any restaurant in America. Sure the employee in the morning should have responded to someone in the bathroom before opening and at least alerted a manager, but unfortunately, that wouldn’t have likely made a difference in this man’s case. However, there is a clear risk management lesson in this for all of us. Before you close your restaurant, check all unsecured areas that a person could occupy and not be obvious. This means checking the bathrooms as you leave or any spot in your restaurant that a person could conceal themselves from general view. There are plenty of other valid reasons to reinforce this practice that don’t include someone dying. Really, it takes seconds and might have saved this man’s life. Isn’t that a fairly good reason for consistently checking?



Why it matters to you: Don’t put too much stock in your Instagram efforts.

Much has been made about Instagram’s influence in dining choices. Heck, we even created a great downloadable about how to take kick-ass food pics for your Instagram account. But, the actual influence of Instagram on those dining decisions is less spectacular than the pictures you create. In a recent study, only 10% of adults polled said that Instagram had an impact on finding a new restaurant. Friends and family recommendations leads the pack with more than 50% of people saying they were influenced by friends & fam when choosing a restaurant. The digital sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor account for 30% of peoples dining decisions.

While Instagram pics are a powerful way to convey your quality, we wouldn’t suggest you put more time into them based on these findings. The clear lesson here is that nothing has really changed in the past 10 or so years. People are still your best source of referrals. It also makes clear that nurturing your digital reputation is a significant method to driving your business. So, sure take a great picture of your food, but you must also ensure that the items you don’t snap look just attractive. Because, as it turns out, the food you serve is far more influential than the Instagram pictures you post.

[Source: RestaurantBusinessOnline]