The Daily Rail: Is Legal Weed Hurting or Helping Restaurants?

MEME MONDAY: Requesting 4/20 Off, Tobey Mag-Donald's, Ouija Boards, Staff, and More!

Monday’s just wouldn’t be the same without a little Internet humor. Here’s a batch of restaurant (and life) memes for you to laugh over with your staff or share on your social to draw interest. In this batch of restaurant memes, requesting time off, adult gold stars to slap on friends, the difficulty of shift coverage, and more. Get at it!


Tequila on The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is going to be releasing his own tequila. He recently filed paperwork for the brand, called Mana. The name refers to a supernatural force which Polynesian people believe runs through all humans, animals and even inanimate objects. The Rock, if you didn’t know, grew up in Polynesian culture. We’re looking forward to the People’s Choice tequila.

Domino’s Hotspot

Ordering a pizza has always been a “do it at home” or “go to the shop” affair. Until now. The eternal tech innovator, Domino’s has introduced a new feature to their app – “Hotspot.” The Hotspot feature lets users order a pizza while they’re outdoors (aka no actual address) and have their order brought to them. That means we can finally get a pizza while hanging in the park or at the beach. Aces all around!

No, Starbucks Isn’t Giving Free Coffee to Black People

We have no idea why anyone listens to anything that comes out of 4Chan. You might as well be wallowing in a pool of sewage. But a “hoax” (aka being a really crappy person) has claimed that Starbucks is giving our free coffee coupons to black patrons in response to their recent racial issues. Spoiler: It’s not true. In fact, the “coupon code” on the fake images is 1488, a meaningful sequence for white nationalists. Ugh.


What it means to you: In the pursuit of a healthy diet we waste a lot of food.

According to a recent study, around 39% of our national food waste comes from fruits, veggies, and other mixed-types of dishes. The next two largest culprits of food waste in the US were dairy (17%) and various meats (14%). All of these aforementioned categories of food total to 70% of our food waste.

This food waste is being found to have a direct correlation with more people trying to eat healthy. The reason being that people need their fruits and vegetables fresh and if the food goes bad it, naturally, gets thrown out. Sure, you cannot blame the entirety of food waste on health dieters -- it is essentially just a semi-loose correlation --  but the important thing is that it starts an important conversation about food waste.

So what do we do to reduce food waste? We’ve spoken about the app in the UK that aims to help vendors and restaurants sell off soon-to-be-expired produce for a vastly discounted price. This is definitely a great technique that we hope it will catch on elsewhere! We’ve also mentioned an Indian restaurant that feeds the homeless with a leftover fridge, a very good way to help others while cutting down on waste. While these are great techniques to help, food waste is a much larger issue and we must work as people to try to fix it. There is no reason we should have all of this food waste and also people starving. What sense does that make? What is your restaurant doing to curb food waste?



Why it matters to you: For some reason people are unsure whether or not legal marijuana is affecting restaurants.

With legalization about to pass in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), restaurateurs are having doubts on whether or not it will affect their eateries. Really? REALLY?! Of course legal weed will only benefit the food scene in whichever area it is next passed. The munchies are a well-known and documented side effect. We’ve certainly been there before, once you pop you can’t stop

While there have been limited studies on the effects of legal weed versus the food industry, we can only imagine they’d go hand in hand helping each other. Legal weed (at this point) means an influx of tourism --  at least until weed is (hopefully) legal nationwide. More tourists means more business for hotels, bars and restaurants.

If there’s any industry that should really be concerned, it’s the beer industry. Weed vs. alcohol is a much more likely battle than weed vs. food joints. So strict-bars might have area of concern but your typical restaurant & bar should remain relatively safe. Still, a study on the effect of legal weed on Oregon showed that nightlife business didn’t change, so there’s no need to freak yet.