The Daily Rail: How Restaurants Can Use the Royal Wedding

MARKETING: How Sports Bars Can Market the World Cup

With the World Cup about to begin (just a few weeks away!), it's imperative that sports bars market the biggest soccer tourney to their guests & soccer fans. Here are some World Cup promotion ideas, marketing tips & menu management strategies for sports bars.


The Secret to Long Life

Is it healthy eating? Exercise? A loving, committed relationship? According to this 100-year-old woman, it’s none of the above. Her secret? A Guinness a day. Doris Olive, who just hit the centennial mark, started drinking the stout after WWII when Guinness was pushed for its health benefits of being iron-rich. Sláinte, Doris!

Gospel Brunch

SNL has its sights on the food service industry lately. Last month it was Chadwick Boseman signing about restaurant complaints. This past weekend it was a skit on the fictional Food Network show Gospel Brunch, in which the fake celeb-chefs make calorie bombs during a gospel brunch-themed program. Check it out here.

Non-Soccer Fan Rage

With the World Cup coming up, it makes sense for networks to try to cash in on the soccer-frenzy. Well, some people are bit miffed that Premiere League soccer was on every NBC/Comcast network this past weekend. Even SYFY had soccer going.


Why it matters to you: The Royal Wedding is a massive event whether you are British or not; here are some ways to use it to your advantage.

Whenever a Royal British Wedding approaches, the whole world pays attention. And there are plenty of ways for restaurants to play into the royal wedding theme to give guests a little fun and yourself a little more business. 

Here are a couple of ideas: horse & carriage-themed anything; offer a tasting menu (or regular one) resembling royal wedding dinner menurecreate the royal wedding cake as cupcakes or a dessert item; have plenty of champagne & elderflower liquor cocktail specials. 

We especially like the idea of a British Royal Wedding-themed tasting menu, that would surely be a hit. They haven’t revealed anything officially but we’d assume (given the British classics theme) beef wellington and the like would be a safe bet. If your business is more of a breakfast joint then absolutely offer a full-traditional English breakfast, sausage rolls, and some good black tea. Anything labeled English within this timing can be easily considered part of the offering and will most likely see a spike in sales.

So, is there anything to avoid? We’d say a watch-party; the time difference makes it so there is almost no chance anyone would be outside of their homes so don’t waste your time or effort. Honestly, 6am EST is a bit rough to get anyone into the restaurant, although it may be easier than some other trends London has started



Why it matters to you: Starbucks revealed guests will no longer have to purchase an item to use their restrooms.

In a bold strange move, Starbucks decided to allow all guests to ability to use their restrooms without needing to purchase an item first. Sure, it may seem slightly elitist, but we remember the good old days when certain establishments made you become a patron of theirs prior to allowing you use of their facilities. Restaurants were able to keep up with their cleanliness and thus we were more likely to use them when in need. In certain areas it makes little difference but bathrooms can go from pristine to a nightmare in no time in high-traffic city areas.

Should your restaurant follow Starbucks’ suit? There is no real reason to follow Starbucks on this one, unless you expect the good karma to come back around. It is a tough world out there in restaurant-land and forcing someone to buy an item from you before using your bathroomin your establishmentis perfectly ok. Any little detail (like an immaculate or disgusting restroom) can set restaurants a part these days so choose wisely. It could be more important than you know.