The Daily Rail: What Restaurants Can Learn from the Wynn Casino Scandal

MARKETING: 5 Advantages of Influencer Marketing to the Bar & Restaurant Industry

A study by “Ironroots” shows that with the right influencer, restaurants could generate an estimate of $17.50 with every $1 that is being spent on influencers. Since social media influencers have already built a higher degree of trust among their numerous fans & followers, they are an ideal platform for marketers, including those in the restaurant industry. With the right influencer, they can help promote your brand’s awareness which can lead to increasing your amount of sales. Here’s how.


ESPN Collegiate Esports Championships

We’ve been saying for years now that sports bars need to start showing eSports events and tournaments on their TVs. Twenty-two teams from 20 schools will be competing on ESPN for the first ever ESPN Collegiate Esports Championship (CEC), between May 10-12. Semi-Finals and Championship matches will include teams playing Overwatch, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Hearthstone, Starcraft II, and Heroes of the Storm.

Which US Jobs Disappearing the Fastest

Locomotive firers are a dying breed and their ranks numbered approximately 1,200 in 2016. Their job involves monitoring locomotive instruments, watching for dragging equipment and ensuring tracks are kept clear of obstacles, tasks that are either becoming automated or being handed over to engineers. That is expected to see the number of locomotive firers fall to 300 by 2026, a 78.6% decline, the highest of any occupation in the country.

Infographic: Which U.S. Jobs Are Disappearing Fastest?  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

 Guac Cheese… Because Reasons

Just in time for your Cinqo de Mayo part, the Dutch cheesemaker Daily Dairy has created guacamole cheese… and we’re not sure why. But it’s a combination of cow’s milk Gouda, avocado, lime juice, chile, tomato, onion, and garlic. Meanwhile, Twitter seems to be mixed with both intense horror and intrigue about the idea.


Why it matters to you: Being a good corporate citizen must include being a good steward of our environment.

 It may feel like all we talk about is trash these days, but it’s among the most destructive influences our industry has on our environment and communities. For example, the average restaurant creates 150,000 lbs of waste each year. In fact, the EPA estimates food waste and packaging from all industries accounts for 45% of all the waste deposited in landfills. Consequently, we think it’s important that all of us confront our role in preserving the planet we share. As it turns out, so do some state legislators, as there’s been a slew of single-use plastics bans and legislation concerning to-go containers. 

For example, Hawaiian legislatures are considering a state-wide ban on single-use plastics, and Maryland is close to passing a ban on expanded polystyrene food service packaging. In the state of Washington, they are considering banning all thin plastic carryout bags. While these products are absolutely the front line of destructive waste being dropped into landfills, issues of food waste are also clearly connected to climate change and protecting the environment.

In Austin, TX, restaurants are prohibited from discarding food scraps and leftovers. Instead they are encouraged to compost. Here’s an idea: why not create your own compost system? It’s easier than you think, and you can offer the produced composted material to your local community free of charge. This is how you turn a cost of disposal into a community service and build your prestige with the people that are frequenting your restaurant. Sure, it’s extra work, but if you are the pioneer, you won’t have to respond when your community demands it rather than anticipating the need. Now, that’s being a good neighbor.

[Source: FSR Magazine]


Why it matters to you: Learn from Wynn Casino’s failure and avoid the negative publicity of a sanction.

If you aren’t familiar with the Wynn Casino sexual harassment scandal, it’s pretty much like every other scandal of its type. Steve Wynn, a previously respected hotelier and casino operator, is accused of a long history of using his position to coerce, influence, and sexual harass his staff and is then forced out of control of his own company. For Wynn, this came at a time of major expansion as Wynn Casinos were set to open in Boston. The name of the casino was changed to Encore as the CEO exited amid the scandal and the company hoped to move forward. Best laid plans of mice and men….

The Massachusetts Casino Gaming Commission announced that they have received a $35 million fine payment from the Wynn Casino group and have approved the casino to open on time this month. Sure, the stakes are high because it’s a casino, but the allegory is still extraordinarily relevant. Your restaurant, too, requires a license to operate, both food and alcoholic beverage. Is turning a blind eye to misbehavior in your ranks worth losing those licenses? This is yet another example of why doing the right thing is the right thing to do. Few of us could afford a $3,500 never mind a $35 million one. So, unless you are indifferent to that possibility, be proactive about issues of equity and safety for your staff and guests. You don’t want either the fine or the negative publicity it will generate, do you? 

[Source: WBUR]