The Daily Rail: Time to Upgrade Your Restaurant's Guest Service to Unforgettable

TECH: 9 Restaurant Technologies Transforming the Industry

With so many novelties in the IT industry, owners need to figure out which one to embrace and which ones to discard. It’s a serious issue that has the potential to make or break the entire business, so you better make sure to answer the question correctly. But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel since certain tools and IT gadgets already proved to be beneficial for food and drinks sales.


Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is by far the best-performing U.S. IPO of the year so far. The company’s shares closed at $151.48 on Friday, more than 500 percent above its IPO price of $25. The market for meat alternatives has been getting a lot of attention recently, as major players such as Nestlé and Tyson Foods have entered the space and Barclays has valued its potential at $140 billion a year in a research note published at the end of May.

Infographic: Beyond Meat Delivers Beefy Returns to IPO Investors | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Windows 2000 Has a BlueKeep Vulnerability

The US Government has issued a warning that Windows 2000 has a BlueKeep security vulnerability. This means hackers could perform a remote code execution, allowing cyber criminals to have full control over your computers. So, if your restaurant still runs Windows 2000, you may want to consider updating your installations.

Millennials Eat Up Video Games

Older Millennials are hitting the prime of their working careers but that doesn’t mean they’re all work and no play. In fact, two in three Millennials in the US play video games every month. They also love watching other people play video games, too. According to Nielsen, 71% of Millennials watch eSports or live gaming content online – an average of six hours per week, on-par with traditional TV viewing. We’ve said it a million times, eSports needs to be part of sports bars’ programming for continued growth in the future.


Why it matters to you: “Sensation seeking” personalities abound in the restaurant industry.

The topic of leadership and personality is always relevant to our audience. So, when we saw this article about a little discussed personality trait of successful entrepreneurs, we couldn’t resist sharing it. Specifically, the trait is referred to as “sensation seeking” and it totally describes most of the successful restaurant owners and operators we have met in the last 30 years in the industry. In the ‘60s, a research project into sensory deprivation found subjects asking to participate because they heard the experiment might lead to hallucinations. The researcher, Marvin Zuckerman, was so intrigued by that response that he dedicated much of his life to learning more about these various traits.

The insight is simply, if you like new sensations, a chaotic atmosphere and happily accept risk, then you are high on the “sensation seeking” scale. This designation astutely describes many of the most talented folks we have worked with and seems so logical after reading the post. However, there is a downside that is equally obvious. That much exuberance for the thrilling can lead to ignoring or neglecting the mundane and we all know that leads to the in restaurant industry. That’s why, if you are a sensation seeker, it’s imperative you have a peer to balance your urges. If you aren’t sure what personality type you are, then take the Myers Briggs test on 16 Personalities. You might just learn something about yourself that improves your performance and lifestyle

[Source: Forbes]


Why it matters to you: It’s time to upgrade your guest service to unforgettable.

Improving service remains an estimable goal any operator can set for their business. Unfortunately, like so many processes in our industry, our approaches can grow stale and ultimately work against your goal instead of facilitating it. That’s why this article on creating unforgettable service on Modern Restaurant Management is so relevant. Rather than discussing service as an operational task, it approaches with abstract thinking. Remember service isn’t only quality products delivered with courtesy and professionalism. In fact, that’s the lowest level of execution needed to deliver great service, but in today’s market, it may not be enough.

Specifically, the post focuses on concepts that will improve the overall guest service experience and not just the basic service cycle. For example, personalization is cited as a key to providing a great service experience to your guests. By making a guest feel at home in your restaurant, you immediately transform their visit from pleasant to special. Just consider how you feel when someone recognizes you and greets you warmly upon arriving anywhere. It just feels great, right? But the nuggets don’t stop there. From creating unique experiences to cool food presentations it all affects the service you give. So, if you are looking to upgrade your service, give this piece a read and you just might find what you seek.

[Source: Modern Restaurant Management]