Document your discipline [Hack #019]

Record keeping goes beyond finances

Too often we threaten to write someone up or refer to documentation as method of influencing the behavior of our staff. It’s not enough to hang the sword over the heads of your team. Eventually, they realize that there really aren’t any consequences. So you have to make a decision to engage in progressive discipline and have a plan on how to implement.

It will have almost instant impact. As long as you are clear about it, complete the documentation and deliver what you promise, they will respond. The key is initially communicate the rules of engagement and distribute them to your team. 

You will find annoying things like tardiness or side-work fails will end almost immediately. Once your staff knows what the expectations are and sees you following through, they will gladly do what is expected of them. Remember, they are predominately young and actually appreciate a disciplined environment with clearly enumerated expectations. 

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