Creating managers with ongoing education

One of the most important aspects of any restaurant and bar is developing talent. This includes training staff, providing ongoing education, and nurturing leadership skills. The best restaurant and bar managers are developed from within organizations that give employees a strong foundation of knowledge and confidence.

It’s impossible to know the ins and outs of the hospitality industry without first working as a hostess, server, bartender, or line cook. It’s in these roles that people build the necessary skills to succeed as individuals and members of our industry.

It’s incumbent upon restaurant owners, operators, and managers to provide educational opportunities that build competency for their staff members’ current positions, yet also provide a path toward greater responsibility. Staff across all levels of a restaurant need to feel that they have been given the chance to grow. This speaks as much to trust and empowerment as it does leadership development. Trusting your staff to make the best possible decisions for your restaurant inevitably fosters the necessary environment to develop successful managers.

By placing a significant focus on continued education you both strengthen your staff in their current positions and build for the future. One cannot happen without the other. With the holidays around the corner, and the countless business opportunities and challenges such a time poses for any restaurant, now is the perfect time to show your faith in your staff by delivering a trusted ongoing educational program.

ServSafe Alcohol & Training Certification is a time-tested program from the National Restaurant Association that you can leverage to illustrate your commitment to your staff. It marries the dual benefits of making them more competent in their current jobs while nurturing the decision-making skills for future leadership roles in your restaurant.

In providing Servsafe Alcohol & Training Certification to your staff, you are, in essence, building your management team of tomorrow.