The Daily Rail: Not Too Ugly for Pizza

Monday, November 21, 2016


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Have Your Heard About the Weather?

Saturday marked the launch of the newest satellite in the GOES series. This one, R, is a significant step forward in technology and capability. This is the first of 4 that will remake the way weather is forecasted and research on weather patterns will take giant leaps forward. Additionally, it can detect waves to ensure smoother flight experiences for passenger jets. Check out the rocket launch and learn more here.


Not Too Ugly for Pizza

One restaurant is choosing to build a menu around rejected produce from local farms. The owner of Bufalina in Austin TX explains that while the aesthetics are bad the flavor is fine and it’s being cut up for pizza rather than turned to waste. Watch him explain how he transforms trash into treasure with their Ugly Pizza offering.





Why it matters to you: The OT Rules change is slated for rollout December 1st. They are cutting a decision pretty close here.

Talk about your nail-biters. A US District Court Judge in Texas has informed parties that he will rule on a temporary injunction against the soon to be implemented Department of Labor’s (DOL) New Overtime Rules. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Feds have stated December 1st as the start date for the new $47,400 threshold for overtime eligibility. Turns out 21 states have enough sway to get the court to consider racking the rule until it is reviewed or phased into law.

Judge Amos Mazzant decision is important because if the 21 states that are party to Nevada et al. v. US DOL don’t win then it will far more difficult and complicated to roll the rules back after the full suit is heard and they prevail. If you don’t feel informed yet on issues surrounding the OT Rules changes, check out the page we have dedicated to explaining and strategizing for them.



Why it matters to you: It may not, but it should. You will likely need to choose between them eventually

When stories were released earlier this year by Instagram a lot of folks thought Snapchat was in trouble. As any college football fan will remind you, “Not so fast my friends”. While Instagram may have seamless integrations with Facebook, it lacks lots of things that are part of Snapchat’s DNA. Turns out, Snapchat has a better sense for user desire with their built in Geofilters and Emoji/Text pinning right onto images.

Don’t fret, Instagram is catching up, but they’ve got a significant distance to travel. Therefore, if you have already committed to Snapchat, don’t change a thing. If you have staked your claim on Instagram, you should at least review your strategy to determine if you should add Snapchat or switchover altogether. Either way, read this article for a great comparison of the platforms.