Six Steps to Being a Better Restaurant Manager


New Years is just around the corner. This year, instead of making a list of things you’ll never really commit to, like a diet in 2017, commit to something real, like being a better restaurant manager.

You’re already an amazing restaurant manager? That’s awesome, but there’s always room for improvement. Here’s how.


1.     Focus on consistency.

One of the biggest complaints front of house and back of house staff have for managers? Lack of consistency and fairness. You’re always going to have favorites, (that’s not going to change), but you don’t have to play favorites.

If you’re focusing on being as fair as you can, staff will notice. Most people won’t complain when situations aren't fair and punishments are consistent. Fairness and consistency in scheduling your staff also go a long way.


2.     Lead by example.

Show your employees what you expect of them by leading with your example. When things get busy don’t hide in the office, pitch in. When workers see that their leader is willing to get their hands dirty, you’ll earn their respect.


3.     Be a better communicator.

The first step is actually getting better at listening. Listen to your staff,  and hear what they have to say. Ask them about their lives, hopes and dreams.

Feeling heard can help anyone feel valued and can give you a competitive advantage in the war for talent.  When you know what someone cares about, it’s way easier to motivate them.


4.     Build relationships.

Get friendly with people and not just with your own staff. Know who your regulars are and get to know the managers and staff of other restaurants in your area. Become the go go-to spot for industry people. It’ll actually help sales.


5.     Become an inventory expert.

There’s no excuse for sucking at inventory, but plenty of managers fail at this simple task. Managing inventory well can avoid losses of spoiled produce and improve cash-flow.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of guides on how to manage inventory better. Including this one


6.     Keep trying to be better.

Whether you’ve been a manager for two years, or twenty, we’re only human and we aren’t born knowing everything. Focus on areas where you can improve -- one thing at a time, one day at a time.

If you haven’t gotten a mug that says, “World’s Greatest Manager,” don’t worry! There’s still time. Focus on these six steps, be consistent and reap the benefits of mutual respect.