Cook With Your Cab Driver [VIDEO]

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #37

What food did you grow up with?

As the child of immigrants, the lead character in Today’s Special lived a life filled with strong aromas of tikka masala and tandoori chicken. While cooking inspired his life’s work, his family cuisine was actually foreign to him. This is a sweet film starring comedian Aasif Mandvi, who plays his role of disaffected haute cuisine chef, perfectly. The film is a celebration of accepting who you are and ensuring you embrace it with aplomb.

Forced to take over his father’s ailing Indian restaurant, Samir is confronted with his past, present and future. It takes an Indian cab driver to show him the recipes for Indian food, but more importantly, he shows him the recipes of life.

This is the typical immigrant story as second generations struggle between the weight of their past and the hopes of their future. It’s got some great scenes in kitchens that will inspire you to be more adventurous and love what you do. As Akbar, the cab driver says, “All he needs to create great food is here and here” (as he points to his heart and loins). Enjoy!