Ratatouille Shows the Joy of Creating Meals [VIDEO]

We have featured Ratatouille previously on How Hollywood Sees Us, but it never gets old. In this scene, Remy (voiced by Patton Oswalt) is compelled to fix the mistakes being made by his human friend, Linguini (voiced by Ray Romano). In so doing, he expresses the joy that cooking can deliver to those responsible for it. Watching Remy’s emotional connection to the soup he is making should feel very familiar to those of us that toil in kitchen’s daily.

It’s no surprise that Thomas Keller was a technical consultant on this film when you watch this scene. From the subtlety of reducing the flame to adding herbs, stock, and garlic to build the basis for flavor in the soup, the scene’s authenticity and energy reflect the best of what our kitchens can offer. It’s fun to watch as affirmation that what we do is good by nature.