Gordon Ramsay Really Doesn’t Like Girl Scout Cookies [VIDEO]

There is little doubt perception of a celebrity chef includes a sense that they are arrogant. Turns out Gordon Ramsay is not the least bit interested in dispelling that belief in the appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. The bombastic chef reminds us how cool he is by promoting his three Star Michelin restaurant in England. While dome of his arrogance may be justified after maintaining that level for 14 years, he lost us when he insults an American institution like the Girl Scout Cookie.

His utter disdain for this annual right of passage is so culturally unartful, it further proves he’s a pretentious fop. Sure, the Tagalong, Thin Mint and Samoa aren’t inspired culinary confections, but they are a wonderful childhood reminder for many of us.

So, when this overblown peacock spits out the Samoa and says it’s weird, he’s putting himself at odds with ‘Merica and this cannot stand!