French Toast is Served Best Warm... Gross! [VIDEO]

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #39

Cult comedy classics like Road Trip all have cinematic devices like the scene we feature today. Physical comedy abounds as the characters are unaware of how the server/cook is abusing them.

This scene is particularly crass; the best moment being the server walking away and farting -- with the outline of the French toast in his sweat pants. It’s gross to be sure, but the message is clear: send it back at your own risk.

As a restaurant operator, you’ve heard your friends allude to this common misconception and it’s probably angered you. To think that people believe you to be so petty that you would punish a guest for not liking their food is maddening. We are professionals and that behavior is beneath our industry.

Does it happen occasionally? Maybe. But lawyers occasionally do things that are unethical, as doctors and all manner of other professionals. The wide spread belief that this is a significant possibility in our industry is an affront to all of us that have dedicated our lives to making people welcome and serving them as if they were guests in our homes.