‘Eat Pray Love’ Shows the Positive Side of Food Relationship

The book that soo on the movie Eat Pray Love  was an international sensation when it was released in 2006. Elizabeth Gilbert’s trip around world was filled with great stories about how food fit into her life in ways she was finally reconciling.

This scene from the movie version, released in 2010, captures the dilemma so many of our guests experience. Often dining outcomes with recrimination for over consumption, but this moment in the movie Julia Roberts perfect explains why that makes no sense. The great quote is, “I’m having a relationship with my pizza!” and this is the reaction we all hope guests will have when they eat our food.

You are likely proud of what you serve for food and hope your guests share the joy you have in providing it. This movie moment offers great insight into a marketing approach that will resonate with your guests.

Focus your message on the celebration that your food is intended to engender. When you visit our restaurant, don’t waste time feeling guilty for eating foods that don’t fit your “diet.” Instead, convince your guests that when they visit your restaurant those things don’t matter. As the TGIF tagline states, “In Here, It’s Always Friday.”