Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy [VIDEO]

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #40

Among the most dangerous moments for a police officer are when they respond to a domestic dispute. Nothing quite clouds good judgment as profanely as a confrontation with a significant other. This holds true when it happens in a restaurant as well as. While no thinking person wants to air their dirty laundry in front of strangers, at times the passion of the moment overwhelms better judgment.

If this happens in your place, you’ll want to move quickly to both separate the belligerent couple and usher them out of your restaurant. If you can get them to pay the check then and there, more power to you. But if it escalates to the level that this scene from Scarface portrays, you may want to eat the check to avoid the further disruption of your others guests’ experience.

If you are a gifted operator, you may even be capable of seeing the signs before it erupts and smooth the edges without a full-blown meltdown. Here Brian De Palma shows his genius for dramatic film-making, and truly captures the horror and dismay of the assembled dining room. Either way, your first concern is safety, second, the guest experience and lastly, did they pay their check.