Are you a Food Hero?

If you run an independent restaurant, it must feel like the chain operators suck all the air out of the room sometimes. Their triumphs and tribulations dominate the news in our industry. Their stories grace the covers of the major news sources for our market. 

So, when GrubHub announced their Food Heroes initiative, it was a wonderful turnabout. Finally a forum to recognize those of you that toil in relative obscurity. Given that 90% of all full-service restaurants are independently owned, it’s about damn time.

Infographic by GrubHub

GrubHub is a nationally recognized food delivery service that connects your guests and your food away from your restaurant. GrubHub chose National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day to launch a content rich site that highlights the amazing and hard-working operators of these unique small businesses.

The main features of the site include several mini-documentaries about the locations they are honoring and they are also encouraging their delivery customers to leave a positive notes of gratitude in their post-delivery comments section.

We recently posted a video segment of our own that reminds our subscribers that they are amazing business people, providing an essential service to their communities and creating a social platform for people to enjoy. Efforts like this from GrubHub are such amazing uses of content marketing to help consumers realize that there are real people in our business.

Whether you work for a major national chain or work at your very own mom and pop restaurant, you should be ecstatic with this effort by GrubHub. And don’t forget, every chain started as a single unit operation. 

So please join us in celebrating Mom and Pop Business Day with GrubHub and the Citizens of The Rail.