Market to real people with ‘customer personas’ [Hack #034]

Know who's really coming to your restaurant

Too often restaurant marketers forget that there are real people that patronize the restaurants they are promoting. One of the great marketing trends of the last few years has been an affection for connecting marketing to the folks that are targeted by it. That trends include projecting both your current and target audience as ‘real people’.

This starts with data. If you don’t have a powerful data metrics system like Upserve, then you can at least review who follows you on social media and even do a survey of your email list subscribers. Get some typical demographics from that list and build a few variants of your typical customer. Now that you know who you are serving you can build your message and marketing to speak to them directly.

If you don’t think this works, then why is Facebook offering marketing that includes ‘look a like’ lists? This is the epitome of “persona building.” Facebook looks at your current followers and creates a list that reflects those metrics for your advertising campaign. You can do the same and use it to understand who you are currently attracting, how to continue to attract them or even how to entice a new audience to visit. 

By knowing to whom you are speaking, you are more likely to deliver the right message to get them to visit or return.

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