Put your best margin items at the top of your menu [Hack #030]

It's rooted in science

If I read another hack that tells consumers restaurants place their most profitable items at the top of their menu listings, I’m gonna scream. The problem is that’s exactly what we should do. The guest is more likely to buy the first or second item listed in a section of a menu. That is, of course, provided it’s not lousy product.

Other tips include highlighting, stars, special color, etc. All great ideas that will help you sell items that are more profitable. It’s a business and you are entitled to sell your food and beverages for a profit. Using this method only makes sense. It works and with today’s technology it’s simple to do. 

Take advantage of consumer psychology by putting items you prefer to sell in the best position for guests to discover them. Some might argue that every item on your menu should be worthy of that position. Here in the real world, there are always items that we thought were great that didn’t perform well. So, move them and find out for sure. If an item doesn’t perform well in the best spot on your menu then it really wasn’t that great to start.

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