Use scheduling to give Millennials what they value most [Hack #023]

A balancing act for operators, too

A key reason most of your staff was attracted to the restaurant industry is the flexibility it offers. This is especially true of millennials., the well regarded recruiting site, did a study of millennial job seekers. About two thirds of millennials (63%) define their work as no more than a job (versus a long-term career) and only 4% think they should make sacrifices for their job. 

You can translate that easily to, “No, I won’t miss that concert or family event because your restaurant needs me!” This is where your scheduling becomes a crucial element to hiring and retaining the current generation of restaurant employees.

Millennials are there because they need to work to live, but they expect it to help them grow and not crush their souls. By knowing these differences you will better understand the culture of the folks you are hiring. So take scheduling very seriously, facilitate their time away from work and support them by offering training and advancement.

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