How Hollywood Sees Us: Managing slighted servers

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #7

Here’s a scene from Friends that really grasps a problem in our industry.

Who is being rude in this situation?

The server clearly has an attitude, but is it unfair when it’s clear the table of six is really a table of three? Well, yes… yes it is! This is a mistake that gets made by our staffs all the time. They work check to check and don’t think long term. Each guest interaction is a business development opportunity.

A great server is their own brand. It starts by not keeping score. Just be the most professional server one can and the rest will work out. For every horrible night, there is an amazing one right next to it.

This is where you come in as a leader. It’s incumbent upon you to see when someone is feeling injured and counsel them through -- or cut them a break when you can. Basic fairness goes a long way and that’s your job.