The Daily Rail: Ever thought of adding 'take-away beer' to your carry-out?

Healthy life choices you can see… literally

Did you know… that when people eat under well lit restaurants they’re more likely to order and eat healthy food? That’s what a new study from the Journal of Marketing Research says. Authors of the report say it has to do with the level of a diner’s mental alertness.

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3 things you didn’t know about beer

When we built the Beer Quiz, we tried hard to stump you all with some obscure tidbits. Turns out that wasn’t as easy as we thought. You all collectively scored pretty well (75% correct/average), but there were three things you all struggled with. Find out what and boost your beer IQ.


Why it’s important to you: Adding take-away beer to your carry-out sales is just plain smart

When a chain as successful as Buffalo Wild Wings does something new, we all need to pay attention. Such is true with their recent announcement that they are piloting beer-to-go in a test market this fall. Bear in mind that each state has its own very specific rules regarding off-premise sales of beer. However, if you are in a state like Pennsylvania, you can sell up to 192 ounces of beer for take-away. It really is intuitive — create tailgate packages for guests that include a perfect selection of food and accompanying beer. You save a guest the extra trip to the package store (that’s a liquor store for you non-Bostonians) and give them just another reason to choose you.


Why it’s important to you: Last year’s finals drew incredible TV ratings

So who do you like in this year’s NBA Finals? What? You don’t care? Well it appears you stand alone on that one. The recent Game 7 between OKC and Golden State broke a record as the most watch NBA playoff game on cable and the most viewed TV program in TNT’s history (since 1988). The implication is that your guests are certainly interested.

This year is a rematch between LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers and Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors. Last year Curry and his mates bested the King and his court in six games. After winning this year’s MVP unanimously (never done before), Curry was injured early in the playoffs and hasn’t been himself. They struggled to get by OKC in seven games, but have home court advantage in the finals. Below are some finals facts so you can be ready to joust if guests are feisty about these here playoffs!

  • There have only been three road teams to win a Game 7 in the NBA Finals — Washington ’78, Boston ’74 & Boston ’69.
  • Cleveland was in the top 10 for three-point shooting during the regular season, and have improved further during the playoffs. They are shooting 46.2% as a team; that’s six points higher than Golden State.
  • When one city hosts both the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup, the NBA team's record is 3-5. This year, the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup will be played in the Bay Area.
  • For more fun facts click here and for a complete NBA Finals preview click here.


Why it’s important to you: Regulation is a nuisance

We have declared wars on my things — drugs, poverty, illiteracy — and now it would seem we can add salt to the list. Recently, a NYC requirement that restaurants with 15 or more locations list the salt content of dishes on their menu was upheld by a judge. And yesterday the FDA announced it was encouraging restaurants and food manufacturers to voluntarily reduce the salt they add to food by one third over the next decade. Their contention is reducing added sodium will save lives. An editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) endorsed by the CDC and American Heart Association enthusiastically supports these initiatives, but there are some who question the science.

In fact, one study published in the JAMA found a causal link between lower sodium levels and heart disease. Unfortunately, the efficacy of reduced sodium levels isn’t the issue for our industry. The true problem is an ever increasing regulatory approach to products we serve our guests. We are in the business of giving our guests what they want and that is how we stay competitive. The most important thing we can do to avoid further regulation is to be self-regulating. Review your menu. If there are places you can reduce sodium, then get ahead of the curve. Otherwise, someone else might force it upon you.


Why it’s important to you: You were going to show this golf event, right?

The PGA Tour is leaving Donald Trump for… wait for it… Mexico. Oh, the taste of irony. Trump’s Doral Resort has hosted a PGA Tour event since 1962, but is being replaced after Cadillac declined to renew it’s sponsorship of the event and the PGA couldn’t find anyone else to pick it up

Trump took the news as well as one would expect him to by saying he hopes the PGA has “kidnapping insurance.”