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Finding Dory crushed expectations and raked in $136.2 million in the highest opening weekend ever for an animated feature. It beat Shrek 2 by almost $15 million, not adjusted for inflation.


Facebook finished the first quarter of 2016 with over 1.65 billion account holders. To put that in perspective, that is more people than the entire population of China and the United States combined. They project to hit $2 billion people on the social platform by 2018.

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Hack #056: Understand the Rev/Rent relationship

Leveraging as much revenue from your building as possible is a key way to insure you are managing a sustainable operation. However, to understand the impact of the rent/revenue relationship, we must first identify some key benchmarks.

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Why it’s important to you: These are 10 things all servers know to be self-evident… but let’s have fun and list them anyways!

Nearly 50% of U.S. adults have worked in the restaurant industry at least once in their life. Working in a restaurant has its perks, but just like any other job, it also has things that make us tick. Here are 10 of these things.


Why it’s important to you: Because if Cleveland can win a championship then your city could be next.

Aside from LeBron James hoisting a championship trophy, last night’s Cavaliers win over the Warriors laid to rest the longest championship drought for any city involved in major professional sports in the United States. That distinction now belongs to Milwaukee with 45 years since their last championship. That was in 1971 when then Lew Alcindor (ne’ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) led the Milwaukee Bucks to the NBA Championship.

The other cities with significant droughts are Cincinnati (26 years), Minneapolis-St. Paul (25 years), Washington (24 years), Toronto (23 years) and Atlanta (20 years). If you are in or around one these cities, then you know the pain and frustration that we Boston Red Sox fans knew for 86 years. We feel for you. But, hey…if it can happen for Cleveland, then any city has a chance.


Why it’s important to you: Europe and the UK are major US trading partners and many of the goods you sell come from both places.

This Thursday, the British are going to the polls to determine if they wish to remain in the European Union. The most recent surveys show that leave holds a 53-47 advantage over stay. The passion is high about this choice which is polarizing the entire country and with the murder of British Parliamentarian Jo Cox, presumably for her stay support, things got ugly. 

There are three major points of contention surrounding the Brexit (Britain Exit) vote. First is trade. The British send 44% of their exports to the continent, but that number has been falling over time. Second is the EU fee. The annual fee is for the Brits is estimated at $27 billion, but doesn’t account for the almost $14 billion they get back in negotiated support. Finally is the issue of open borders. Some projections put the immigration population increasing by 2.3 million people by 2030. This, however, doesn’t acknowledge that most of them are coming from outside the EU.

So, what’s at stake? For the UK, it will be independence from the overarching bureaucracy (and expense) that the European Union has become. Many Britons believe that this is holding back their economy and want the right to self-determination. However, many others think an exit from the EU will spell disaster as the UK will have to negotiate individual trade deals with each country or the Union as a whole. Worse, those trade deals will naturally require some version of open labor borders, so what will the real gain be? Since no country has ever left the EU, nobody really knows. The bottom line is the European experiment is under its biggest challenge. We’ll know after Thursday if things will change to the unknown or the status quo will remain in force.