'Who's the boss?' [Hack #054]

Your restaurant: Where everybody wants to know your name

In the hustle & bustle of running a seven figure business you can sometimes forget the social side of marketing your business. If you do over $19,250 per week, you are in that range. You’re busy. Sometimes, REALLY busy. Inventory, scheduling, training, reporting/finance and marketing all make up your daily responsibilities. However, you should NOT have implied that ‘Social Media’ was root of the reference to the social side of marketing. This the ‘real human contact’ version of social marketing.

In fact, this is the part our service that seems to be losing its cultural recognition in our society. But, people are still going out in droves. Most restaurants have experienced growth over the past few years. Yes, they behave differently than they did before 24/7 connectivity was the norm, but they are still looking to see and be seen.

Even Millennials seem to crave some face to face contact with other human beings. They may interact via text to one another at the same table, but they are there and more importantly… they want to meet YOU!

Why, because it still pays to know the guy or gal that runs the joint. There is a prestige to running a cool place. The rise of the Celebrity Chef and growth in food knowledge, have positioned you as a person to be heard from. You are the expert on all things restaurant. By extension, you have all the knowledge of the products and processes. People want to know you for a variety of reasons, so don’t be shy. Introduce yourself to someone new, you’ll love the results.

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