Anthony Bourdain: It's 'pretty hard' to find nice people to run restaurants

Celebrity chef and all around food/travel connoisseur, Anthony Bourdain did a feature Q&A with Adweek recently. He talked about his shows, some of his less positive and more colorful food commentary

Here's an excerpt of some of our favorite lines for Bourdain, but be sure to check out the full Q&A on Adweek.

Thoughts on Youtube food stars

I don't know any of them, but I'm all for it. I think it's a wide open space. People are clearly interested in it. Even the worst of them in principle do good for the world, and the more we talk about food, the more people that are interested in food, the more people that are interested in cooking. It's not just good for business for me personally, which it is, but it's good for chefs everywhere. The empowerment of chefs by whatever means necessary is, in general, a positive thing in my view.

"food porn" on Instagram

Chefs would bitch about it relentlessly in the beginning, but I think everybody's learned to play now. And I go out to dinner with my chef friends and every single one of them whips out their phones—they're all taking pictures, they're all Instagramming it, they're all tweeting each other from the same table. We are absolutely experiencing food, talking about food, learning about food and just making decisions about where we're going to eat in different ways.

On NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio calling for a Chick-fil-A boycott over their anti-LGBT views

Are we looking for nice people to run our companies? We're going to be looking pretty hard. I'm not going to go eat at that restaurant or I'm not going to patronize that business because I don't like what they institutionally support—I don't like the chairman of the board, I don't like who created the company, whatever. There's a whole lot of reasons to just make a personal decision and not go eat at a business and give them your money. I come from a restaurant business where you're lucky if the guy working next to you isn't like an armed robber. I support your inalienable right to say really stupid, offensive shit and believe really stupid, offensive shit that I don't agree with. I support that, and I might even eat your chicken sandwich.

On the possibility of his daughter becoming a chef

I would be horrified at first, but then proud that she would knowingly choose such a difficult thing because it's a hard, hard, hard business. Harder for women. I would be appalled and horrified and frightened, but secretly very proud. Very proud, of course. She's like her mom: She's very tough. She's got ferocious jiujitsu skills, so no boy will ever exert their will on my little angel.

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