The Daily Rail: McDonald's worker fired for being HIV-positive

July 7, 2016

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This Week in eSports... The UK launches an official eSports governing body

This week in eSports news... the UK launches a new eSports governing body, ESPN2 to air Street Fighter V tournament later this month, and Juventus & EA Sports team up.


Why it’s important to you: Make the most out of your beverage program.

A successful beverage program can be a game changer for your restaurant — when done right. At the end of the day, you want happy customers and a strong bottom line. Keep reading to see how a couple tweaks to your beverage program can deliver you just that.


Comcast is breaking grounds by making all of the 2016 Olympic events available live online. That’s more than 4,500 hours worth of content that’ll stream on both the NBC Olympics website and the NBC Sports app. The catch is you need to be a cable-subscriber to watch the streams. But this is a great opportunity for sports bars and restaurants looking to provide any and all Olympic coverage their guests want to watch.


Why it’s important to you: This scene keeps being replayed.

With two police shootings of two African-American men in two days, the country is once again transfixed by these horrible circumstances. Yesterday in Falcon Heights, Minnesota (near Minneapolis), a couple were stopped for having a broken taillight on their vehicle. There is no body camera or other evidence of the confrontation between the officer and Philando Castile, but his girlfriend used Facebook Live immediately following the shooting to broadcast events as they happened. The scene is graphic and it’s hard to believe she can be delivering her thoughts while having a gun pointed at her… yet she does quite calmly.

Castile reportedly informed the officer he had a license to carry and was armed. When he reached for his ID the officer fired several shots. The contention is that he didn’t comply with officers. It is obvious from the Facebook Live feed that the officer is genuinely shaken by what transpired. Couple this with what happened on Tuesday in Baton Rouge — where police shot another man for presumably reaching for a weapon as they tried to apprehend him — and you have a truly volatile situation.

Whether you support the police without flinching or you are suspicious of their motives in all things, these events keep happening. If we use a restaurant analogy, we can see how the police at least have to consider their role and responsibility in addressing these never ending tragedies. 

Imagine that a restaurant continually makes their guests ill, but rarely — if ever — acknowledge their role. There certainly would be consequences. Take Chipotle; their stock price has plunged, they are constantly spinning the circumstances and they are in danger of imploding all together. I don’t think anyone would accuse Chipotle of intentionally causing harm to their guests, yet it continues to happen.

It stands to reason that at some point even the most ardent police supporters will have to acknowledge that changes are necessary if you are going to retain and repair the public’s confidence in law enforcement.


Why it’s important to you: HIV is a disability and if you know about it, you are responsible for protecting the person who discloses it.

A McDonald’s franchisee is facing a lawsuit for being nosy. No really, that’s the long and short of it. Matthews Management, owners of 34 McD’s in Arkansas, is being sued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Council for firing an employee that disclosed his HIV status to a co-worker. Additionally, Matthews is accused of requiring employees to divulge the prescription medicines they take.

Where to start? First HIV is classified as a disability as pertains to the American with Disabilities Act. Second, anyone that still believes that HIV can be transmitted by a food service person is a woefully uninformed. Third, what prescription meds your staff use is none of your business; not even a little bit. With that out of the way, we can clearly see the lesson here.

Getting personal with your staff is a risky proposition. Nobody is capable of not assigning judgement to someone that reveals their most personal information. It’s a fine line we walk as managers between caring about the people we manage and keeping them at a safe distance. There really is no way to completely divorce yourself of becoming personally involved with your staff. However, if you can’t keep that information separated from your role as a manager, then you are better off minding your own business.


Why it’s important to you: TI’s restaurant woes are further proof not everyone should realize their dream of owning a restaurant.

When Glen Rice was shot outside of TI’s joint in Atlanta, Scales 925, they issued a statement that concluded, “The Scales 925 family condemns any act of violence and will always adhere to best practices to safeguard our patrons and staff.” Unfortunately, a lawsuit filed by 12 angry staff members alleges that safeguarding staff wasn’t really on TI’s mind. He and his partner Charles Hughes are accused of systematically underpaying their staff, forcing them to work off the clock and other gross financial manipulation.

Now the world has more proof that music luminaries are no more qualified than anyone else that fantasizes about owning a restaurant. In the end, those of us that do this every day know a secret…it’s really hard, takes integrity & professionalism, and simply isn’t for everyone. What’s worse, TI’s incompetence makes our whole industry look bad. Thanks for nothing, TI.

McDonald's image by Mike Mozart.