Rub Walnuts on Scratched Wood to Restore Table Surfaces [Hack #102]

A not so nutty plan

With the countless customers sitting and eating at your tables, the tabletops are bound to get a little beat up. We’ve run restaurant hacks in the past that help owners keep their tables in tip top shape with ways to remove water rings, but this week we have a new idea that’s worked well for operators in the past.

Your wood tables and floors likely have ding marks and scratches that appear over the years, so here’s an out-of-the-box way to fix that problem.

Try rubbing a walnut against the damaged wooden tables, chairs or bar to help cover up any blemishes in the wood finish. All you need is a walnut and a dry soft cloth.

First, rub the walnut diagonally into the scratch until it begins to fade. Then rub the area with your finger to warm the area and wait a few minutes to let the natural oils of the nut soak into the wood. Lastly, rub the area with a soft cloth to buff the newly removed scratch. Here’s a video of this hack in action.

This method has similar results with using either pecans or almonds, but walnuts have seen most success.

And yes, you can eat the walnut afterwards -- if you really want to.