Boost Restaurant Sales & Save Cash by Teaming Up with National Brands [Sponsored Hack]

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this… 

Because of how tight restaurant budgets typically are, restaurant operators and marketers are pretty good at getting creative with their marketing campaigns and stretching every dollar as far as it can. But with so many other responsibilities on your plate, that creative river may run dry or you just don’t have the extra cash flow to really entice guests with prizes.

You can make your life much easier and make every buck go further by teaming up with national brands and utilizing their promotions. This does two things:

  1. Boosts your cred! Research has suggested that 76% of consumers are more likely to visit a restaurant that partners with leading brands.*

  2. Get more bang for your buck. Tapping into promotions built and run by respected national brands saves your team time and your restaurant money.

There are two major types of promotions to keep an eye out for. The first will help drives sales at your establishment by offering prizes to guests for visiting your business and buying certain products. The second will save you money on products that you’re already purchasing, so you can spend that extra cash on other important projects. Both are important to utilize and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Driving Restaurant Sales

For example, Frank’s RedHot® is currently running a college football promotion designed to drive up your sales while rewarding your guests with chances of winning some awesome prizes. The promotion includes marketing materials, t-shirts and recipes, and they do all the heavy lifting for you.

Most brand promotions like this include the marketing and POP material restaurants need to make the promotions a success – and at no cost. If you sell more of their product, they sell more of their product. It’s a win-win. The brands provide everything you need and handles choosing and sending out the prizes. Your team just needs to put out the marketing material and alert guests of the new program.

Saving Cash

Other brand promotions will save your restaurant thousands of dollars in product you’re already using. For example, French’s Food Company has several rebates and offers that restaurants can take advantage of, such as their multi-brand rebate on sauces and condiments, while another includes free tabletop caddies to keep your tables clean of clutter. Both are things you need to run a successful business, so why not save some cash in the process? 

You’re not just limited to French’s and Frank’s RedHot, of course. Poke the other major brands and food & drink vendors you already work with to see what sort of promotions they’re running that you can take advantage of. Sometimes working less gets you more.

 Frank’s RedHot is a registered trademark of The French’s Food Company LLC.

 * Study from HEINEKEN USA Internal Research, based on imports’ increased profitability over DPLs