Keep a Sturdy Stool Handy in Your Restaurant’s Bathrooms [Hack #108]

Be #1 by helping kids go #2

This is a great hack for the family-oriented restaurants out there. Keep a sturdy stool in your restaurant’s bathrooms so it’s easier for children to get onto the toilette and do their business.

As an industry, we put some effort into making children’s menus, having games or children-driven entertainment, and other dining room aspects that make the dining experience less stressful for parents, kids, and your staff. But do you think about their bathroom experience?

Sure, most parents can just hoist up their child onto the toilette to let them do their business, but we’re pretty sure they would appreciate a small stool nearby that allows their kids take the initiative. Stools are pretty inexpensive and allows kids to step up to the toilette on their own.

The stool will also make it easier for kids to step up to the sink and wash their hands instead of needing their parents to lift them up to the faucet. So not only will you be presenting an amazing dining experience to families at your tables, but you’re also helping parents potty train their kids, and facilitate proper and healthy bathroom etiquette at the same time.

Sometimes it’s the little things that’ll make the biggest impact with guests.

When looking for the right bathroom stool, consider the stool height and grip surface. More tips on the best children bathroom stools here.


Your squat-preferred guests will also appreciate the stool. There’s debate on what the better position is for pooping – the traditional sitting on the toilette or in a proper squat position. And since you don’t want your guests actually squatting on top of your toilettes, a stool like this allows them into the proper position without the risk of making a huge mess.

Its win-win!