Should Apple Pay Add a Bar/Restaurant Tab Feature?

We've written several stories over the years about mobile payment. Everything from how it's the future of restaurants to the benefits mobile pay brings to restaurants. But even so, most bars and restaurants are hesitant to implement mobile payment, claiming POS-integration issues and guests aren't asking for it as the two biggest reasons for the adoption lag.

While integration issues is mostly out of restaurant's hands, giving their guests what they want is not. And a new survey conducted by 9to5Mac is dropping shade on the idea that guests don't care about mobile pay. According to the online survey, 92% of their users want to see Apple Pay add a bar/restaurant tab feature.

So what does this mean for bars & restaurants?

For starters, your guests do want a mobile pay feature. A good system would allow guests to pay when they're ready to leave instead of trying to flag down their busy server for 15 minutes. it creates faster guest turnover, takes some unnecessary work away from your staff, and improves the overall guest experience.

Also, half of Millennials would pay their tab via their smartphone if the option was available to them. If they're not your current client base, they will be any second now. The eldest of the generation turns 36 this year.

A bar tab mobile pay feature would give guests some added comfort, too. No one really likes the idea of leaving their credit card unattended or with a complete stranger at the bar. A bar tab pay feature would give a level of security and peace of mind. What guest wouldn't like that?

If you're still not entirely sure, polling your guests can't hurt. It'll create for some interesting discussion for sure!

OK, you convinced me to look more into mobile pay...


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